LinnLive – Linnworks Bulk Listing Partner

Create single as well as variation listings on Amazon, eBay, Magento and Big Commerce.

Mapping - create listing templates in LinnLive for the listings created outside of LinnLive.

Manage listings in every way.

Translate eBay listings (Cross Border Trade).

LinnLive Overview

LinnLive is the complimentary Bulk Listing/Revising Tool which is available as a completely FREE extension of the Linnworks Anywhere Software. LinnLive is a web-based application which allows you to effectively list in bulk or revise listings on the go from any browser wherever you are.

The robust Bulk Listing Tool provides you with the functionality to manage your single or variation listings from multiple channels such as Amazon, eBay, Magento and Big Commerce from a single interface. A solution designed to free the burden of managing listings on your channels individually.

The LinnLive Bulk Listing Tool works with the pre-populated data from your inventory in your Linnworks Anywhere database to list onto multiple channels in one swift movement. Therefore, you do not have to create each listing from scratch, as the tool can use the data that is already within your database.

LinnLive is able to extract the data from your existing listings on channels such as Amazon, eBay, Magento and Big Commerce. Streamlining this process enables you to view all of your data from a centralised interface. Furthermore you can utilise this way of working to monitor any updates to which listing is linked with which inventory item and if you notice anything that isn't linked you can choose to link it within LinnLive.

Depending on your preference on how you prefer to list your items, the LinnLive Bulk Listing Tool gives you the ability to list either by singular items or items in mass quantities.

LinnLive gives you the choice to design multiple Configurators containing different options for Returns Policy, Payment Methods, Shipping Methods, Categories, Specifications, Variations, etc. which also have pre-sets giving you even more control on the parameters of how your items are sold.

LinnLive retains the simplicity of the Linnworks Interface – the chosen theme for the tool centralises all you need in one hub. We have organised the features to be dealt with in 4 different sections within the Application Map: Inventory, Variations, Mapping and Configs. There's also a linked tab for the Changelog which shows what has been recently updated, Documentation so if you need a detailed guide to the next steps of your process and Hints & Tips for a quicker guide to help for specific issues.

Application Map

It has 4 main sections that you can enter depending on what information you're wanting to enter or view.

  • Inventory

    This will show all the items that you have entered into your Linnworks Anywhere Inventory by SKU, Item Title, Available Quantity, What's on Order and on which Channels ie. Amazon, eBay, Magento and Big Commerce. This section is where your single item listings are created and listed from.

  • Variations

    This section is used to see which products are listed under which variation groups and on what channels. This is where you create your variation listings and manage your variation listings from. The same search functions apply as in the Inventory screen. The Products column shows which items belong to the variation group and how many are available. To see them click on the Products box, this will bring up a new screen and from that screen items can be removed from or added to the given variation group.

  • Mapping

    Upon choosing the channel's mapping, required for viewing, from the available eBay, Magento and Big Commerce channels, the LinnLive Bulk Listing Tool brings down all listing information from that channel and raises the information of your items giving the ability to map the channel's existing listings through to LinnLive. The LinnLive Bulk Listing Tool does this by creating templates for the listings unique for the channel's requirements to list. If a listing has been created outside of LinnLive it cannot be updated or managed by LinnLive until the listing template has been created. This isn't available with Amazon. LinnLive also creates a link between the inventory item in Linnworks and the listing, if this has not yet been done using the mapping tool in Linnworks.

  • Configs

    You can choose which channel's configurator you wish to view from Amazon, eBay, Magento and Big Commerce. Once selected LinnLive presents the ability to group items together in one or various configurators which allows the dictation of Returns Policy, Payment Method, Shipping Methods, Categories, Specifications, Variations and even Store. By clicking on any of these tabs LinnLive brings up options specific to the channel you have chosen which will instruct the channel where to list your item and under which categories your item can be searched for under.

Main Features

Creating single (non-variation), as well as variation Listings on Amazon, eBay, Magento and Big Commerce

This is the main reason the LinnLive Bulk Lisiting Tool has been created. To make the process of listing your products easier to control by you the user. As you can imagine listing your items is different for each channel as Amazon, eBay, Magento and Big Commerce are all uniquely set up and so with the aid of LinnLive we have catered for the differences within one platform saving you an abundance of time having to go in and out of the channels and have to fill in all the different requests.

Mapping (eBay, Magento and Big Commerce are supported) - creating listing templates in LinnLive for the listings created outside of LinnLive

The real blessing of this tool is being able to view your existing listings information from the channel together with your information from Linnworks. Enabling you to make comparisons of your data and deciding on any preferred linking choices quicker and easier by being on the same page. Leaving behind the arduous task of having to click in and out of however many different screens.

Managing listings in every way

Because the choice is yours of how you wish to present your listings, where they are shown and how the information is created to manage, LinnLive gives you the ability to create listings, decide how they will look on the channels, choose which channels show what information eg. Titles, Prices, Shipping. The LinnLive Bulk Listing tool lets you group your products together so that you can set the rules yourself of which categories your items will appear in and what rules then apply for Shipping, Returns Policies, Payment Types, etc. LinnLive also facilitates your needs to show different variations eg. Size, Colour etc. and these can be altered and updated by you whenever you should choose really giving you the freedom to be in control of your products information.

Translating eBay listings (Cross Border Trade)

If you list the same products on eBay that are not on your home country site LinnLive even helps translate your data accordingly to the language spoken in that site's country! Much more effortless than having to translate everything yourself. These translations are then saved for you in the LinnLive Listing Descriptions section of Linnworks for you to use when listing your products on a foreign eBay site when using eBay's Cross Border Trade Tool.

It is completely FREE web application.

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